About Us

Drew Jordan Seed Industry is an organization deeply rooted in the principles of unity, strength, growth, and promoting healthier lifestyles in the African American community. A portion of all proceeds will be used as a seed donation to fund bicycles and community garden supplies in the North Philadelphia  African American community.

Founded on Bond & Hope

My name is Jordan Drayton (right in photo above. I was born on February 6, 1987. I am from North Philadelphia by the way of Monmouth County, New Jersey. I love my family, music, sports, movies, riding my bicycle, gardening, and farming. I graduated with my bachelor's degree from the first degree-granting HBCU,  Lincoln University of PA in 2010. During my freshman year of college I was diagnosed with lupus, a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. This news really shook up my world but with the help of a strong support system, a positive and healthy lifestyle I was able to accomplish a plethora of things like joining Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated Epsilon Chapter "Star of the East" Spring 2008, LP4, YP4 08, and the Office of Minority Male Health. All these organizations directly relate to and focus on things I am passionate about which are mentoring, community service, and health awareness in the African American community. 


My cousin  Andrew Murphy (left in photo above) was from North Philadelphia also. We were raised like brothers and he also went to The Lincoln University. In fact, he was the reason I went because although he was only a few months older than me I admired him like a big brother and always wanted to be a part of whatever he was into. Growing up he was one of my idols, inspirations and even protector from the beginning.

On Monday, August 20th 2012, I received a phone call that would ultimately change my world. Andrew had passed away from a heart attack at the tender age of 26. My mind could not process how this was even possible. Someone I saw as a protector in a time of my own vulnerability had possibly been secretly fighting his own health battles.

Andrew's death impacted so many people. I begin to notice a trend of our friends deciding to be more health conscious and encouraging other members of the circle to choose healthier habits. It was like Andrew's passing was a seed that grew into inspiration and healthier lifestyles for so many.

I dedicate this endeavor to me and Andrew's bond and hope to plant seeds of inspiration in everyone's path that I cross.

During this COVID-19 pandemic more than our physical health is at risk. I found that 3 of my hobbies would be vital to me coming out of quarantine better than I went in by helping me make sure that every aspect of my health was getting the attention it needed.

Girl With Skateboard


The physical benefits of participating in fitness challenges, riding bikes, and gardening and/or farming are obvious but they’re all reaping with health benefits across the board and not limited to physical health.

Young Dietitian


Your stress levels are improved by focusing on a goal and task. You’re saving money on gas and groceries.

You are reducing air  pollution and increasing air quality by riding bikes and planting plants or fresh crops. 


Learn a new skill and build relationships with others who have common goals and interest. Take time to enjoy walks in parks or trails to enjoy nature. These are gems I could not keep to myself that helped me though this pandemic.

In my online store you will find environmentally friendly, plant based, biodegradable, minimal waste, and/or recyclable products because a healthy lifestyle is not complete unless our environment is healthy as well.

Products set to release quarterly. (January, April, July, and October). Leading up to releases I will host Friends and Family Fitness Challenges. Giving subscribers access to a Fitness challenge and early access to the upcoming release.